GX Prime services

Expanding prime services for digital assets.

GX Blocks Prime Services combine enhanced asset protection with operational ease and efficiency. 

Holding Private Keys = Your Digital Assets

New Minted Bitcoins  (Over-The-Counter Desk)

Digital Asset OTC Agency Desk is a service that you can trade crypto assets directly between two parties and mitigate the risk of slippage on public markets. GX OTC provides also genesis Bitcoins straight from new minted blocks.  We offer best execution and seamless daily settlement in top cryptocurrencies.

Cold Storage Solutions 

There are a number of ways to improve security for storing Digital Assets, many of which relate to the cold storage. We are in the unique position to provide a full cycle service to store your digital assets in a Cold Storage Solutions. 

Escrow Accounts 

Simplify the transfers and payments to the benefit of all parties with the Escrow service. An easy way for businesses to build a project and secure a transfer of assets and payment. The service can also be assured that will be fairly compensated in a timely manner and confident that will be delivered on schedule.

Digital Asset Review & Report

Custom Blockchain research and project reports for professionals and institutions based on their specific needs. We can address anything from gaining more knowledge about the basics of a Blockchain project to more advanced reports such as to do Due Diligence in Digital Assets and Blockchain projects.


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