First Steps in the Blockchain Industry. How to get involved with crypto?

There are a few ways by which people can acquire Bitcoin. The main method is to buy it directly from a cryptocurrency exchange. Alternatively, one can earn it through the process of mining, if they worry about price fluctuations.

The crypto and blockchain industry began to flourish in a vast space of activity and development, divided into several niches and spaces.

Many people didn't know how to invest in Cryptocurrency and what its potential really is.

Bitcoin (BTC) has become evident as the standardization of the currency. Many investors see cryptocurrency and its technology as an alternative investment product, which may replace dominant currencies such as the US dollar and the euro.

It is worth noting that cryptocurrencies also have commercial activity, which as we all now know, has attracted many speculators. A lot of speculators come into play when prices have skyrocketed. The moment they see a sudden and rapid increase in prices, without always being interested in what exactly the asset is, they focus their interest and invest in it.

We could argue that cryptocurrency trading is similar to shareholder trading, clearly there are several differences but also several similarities. The cryptocurrency industry today numbers lip assets where each of them ranges at a different price.

More specifically, cryptocurrency trading involves buying and selling for profitable assets. Traders focus on what is reported in the latest media and networking and based on this they decide whether to buy or sell. They are also particularly interested in whether or not they can buy these assets based on their price and sell them later at higher prices in order to make a profit. On the contrary, they do not seem to care much about how the property works. Their main tool is price charts, measuring price standards and price indices and doing technical analysis, some at a low level and others at a high level.

How do I get involved in crypto?
How to Invest in Cryptocurrency — Step By Step Guide
  1. Allocate Only a Small Percentage of Your Portfolio to Cryptocurrencies.

  2. Choose Your Crypto.

  3. Choose a Platform to Buy your Crypto.

  4. Store & Secure your Crypto.

As we already mentioned at the beginning, one other way to get involved in crypto is through cryptocurrency mining.

Mining is the process through which transactions from various cryptocurrency ecosystems are verified and added to the public digital ledger, or else, the Blockchain. More specifically, Bitcoin miners receive Bitcoin as a reward for offering computing power in order to complete ‘blocks’ of verified transactions which are added to the blockchain. This reward in bitcoin is what motivates people to get involved in bitcoin mining: to become bitcoin miners.

Cryptocurrency mining became increasingly competitive over the last years, making it almost impossible for the average person to enter the industry individually.

GX Blocks has Bitcoin Mining Contracts (or GX Mining Contracts), which provide digital mining outputs in the form of digital assets from leased computing power process capacity.

GX Blocks Contracts are based on the Bitcoin Mining Computing Power of the Network Algorithm. GX Blocks offers really simple mining contracts, with straight and clear terms, which don’t predict any kind of maintenance and electricity fees. Contract holders will receive 100% of the mining earnings from GX Hashing Computing Power, owned and operated by GX Blocks. 100% of the earnings will be deposited at monthly payments to the private wallet of users.

If you want to Get Involved in Bitcoin Mining with GX Contracts you can follow the next steps:

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