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GXB Platform
All-in-one Wealth Management Platform

All-in one solutions for digital asset management for all levels of expertise.

Alternative digital products, tokenised funds, mining products and other digital products for digital assets.

*Stay tuned for launch date! 

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All-in one Financial Solutions

Get direct exposure to alternative investments without the technical complexity and manage simple and safely your digital assets.

GX Prime

OTC service for Green and clean Bitcoin fast at your wallet.

GX Mining

Mine easy new Bitcoins
with Green Energy

GX Custody

Securely store and manage
your digital assets.

GX Yield

Earn attractive yields on BTC, ETH and Stable coins.

GX Clearance

Real-time settlement of digital assets within the XRPL network.

GXB Platform offer access to digital products that at the same time provide coveted yield opportunities and structured cash-on-cash returns.

How will GXB Platform help you?

All-in one 

A wealth management platform for digital asset which provides alternative investment products.

100% Green Energy 

Operations and services are powered by Renewable Energy Sources.

Full Transparency

Transparency at your fingertips by utilizing blockchain technology in your investment dashboard. 

Cyber Security 

Blockchain-focused key security measures ensure top efficiency. 

Now Conslusive Investment Products

The complete list of alternative investment products for digital asset investors.

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