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GX Energy demand from the Blockchain & A.I. Network 

Plug in any type of Mobile Data Center Unit (MDCU) to your Renewable Energy Source and create energy demand according to your needs anytime and anywhere.

Alternative Power
Purchase Agreements

RES are often isolated far away from where they can be fully utilized. GX Energy provides energy demand solutions for hybrid
renewable energy plants.

Our GX Mobile Data Center in a box ensures that you can distribute power and connect to the Digital networks regardless the locations and power grid connection.

How it works


Send us the information of your RES plant to review if the project it's eligible to provide a power purchase offer.


We undertake the technical and legal expenses to review and customize the Alternative Power Purchase Agreement. 

Energy Demand

Installation the Mobile Data Center Units a Plug-n-play soluttion to your renewable energy source.

Commercial Operation

Maintain the schedule for delivery of electricity and track payments in real-time.

Contact our sales team

Want to learn more about how you can use Bitcoin to support your company’s energy production? Leave us your details and our sales team will be in touch.

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