GX Mobile Data Center Units

Mobile Data Center Units for ASIC & GPU servers with high top perfoming hardware to increase efficiency and decrease the power costs.


Plug 'n' Play

Mobile Data Centers are easily and quickly to installed on various climates. 

Liquid Cooling System

Increase the lifespan of the hardware while decreasing energy consumption.


Full automated mentainance using Industry 4.0 to increase the sustainability of MDCU.


Modular construction which enables easily transfer and replacement of MDCU's.


Reduce Data Center construction costs with our custom Mobile Data Center Units.


Increase easily your Hashrate by upgrading your hardware or expanding MDCU units.

Ready for rapid deployment, these turn-key MDCUs can be deployed anywhere. With liquid cooling equipment, remote management of the units and a real-time performance monitoring platform, our Mobile Data center unit will take the complexity out of constructing a new data center farm.

How it works

Order of MDCU

Request the available types of Mobile data center units and we sign a purchase and a maintanance agreement.


We undertake the feasibility study based on your site specifications and deploy the MDCU at your facility. 

Supply Power

Plug n play solution for any type of energy source including various cases for  hybrid RES and BESS plants.


Real-time monitoring platform with onsite support delivered as needed. 

Unlock new digital revenue streams

ASIC Mobile Data Center Units (‘MDCUs’) which host dedicated hardware, directly at any Renewable Energy Source.
The MDCUs are connected to the Bitcoin Network ensuring the validation of transactions and are rewarded by block rewards and transaction fees in the form of digital assets/ currencies.