GX Mobile Data Center Unit

GX Blocks Energy deploys Mobile Data Center Units (‘MDCUs’) which host dedicated hardware, directly at any Renewable Energy Source. The MDCUs are connected to the Bitcoin Network ensuring the validation of transactions and are rewarded by transaction fees and block rewards in the form of digital assets/ currencies.

Plug ‘n’ Play

Replacing, removing or adding units and devices does not affect the operability of the system of any part of this. 
Straight at any energy source (a modular solution).


The core technology of the MDCU has been developed to only include carefully chosen, well-engineered solutions with a clear focus on improved ROI over the Data Center operations.
(in terms of infrastructure construction, deployment and maintenance costs)


Ensuring that each and every component is compatible with and supports our ruggedized mobility concept (e.g. protection of hardware components against vibrations and transport-related issues).


Keeping operational costs low is the key to success. Industry 4.0 - driven automation approaches are therefore preferred over using human resources for maintenance.

Liquid Cooling System

By using immersion liquid methods the performance of the servers is higher, decreasing energy consumption and extending the data center’s life.
This solution can maximize the performance of the operations while decreasing energy consumption and extending the amortization of the data center’s hardware.


Simple, straightforward, function-based engineering allows for exponential scalability, allowing for virtually unlimited expansion of our system. This ensures easy-to-control mass production and a short time-to-market.

The Mobile Data Center Units come in different sizes for different types of Energy Sources. 

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