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Plug in any type of Mobile Data Center Unit (MDCU) to your Renewable Energy Source and create energy demand according to your needs anytime and anywhere.

Alternative Renewable Energy Management Services

GX Blocks provides innovative energy infrastructure solutions for data centers energy demand, alternative PPA sourcing and other energy managed services. 


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Alternative Infrastructure 

Innovative and hybrid renewable energy infrastructure solutions for data center facilities.

Alternative Clean Energy

Virtual & Alternative Power purchase Agreements from private and secondary market.

Alternative Infrastructure



GX Blocks is involved with the full scope of Alternative Renewable Energy Project development.
Alternative Renewable Energy projects shape our future cities and quality of life, creating a positive and lasting impact in the world. They transform possibilities and enable industrial and economic growth.


Technical and Operations Management Services

Our technical and operations services include EPC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction) 
management, Plant Operations and Maintenance and Advisory as well as Health and Safety.


Financial Consulting and Management Reporting

Project-financed entities are generally operated on minimal but absolutely necessary cost. Specifically, they are not encumbered with undue costs of headcount. GX Blocks therefore offers management services to manage the entire business on behalf of the shareholders, and ensure that all necessary reporting and compliance of the project entities to their project documents is undertaken

Alternative Clean Energy


Alternative PPA

Private Sector


Virtual PPA

Energy exchange 


Energy Demand

MDCU Solution 

Alternative Power
Purchase Agreements

Choice 1: RES are often isolated far away from where they can be fully utilized. GX Energy provides energy demand solutions for hybrid renewable energy plants.

Our GX Mobile Data Center in a box ensures that you can distribute power and connect to the Digital networks regardless of the locations and power grid connection.

Choice 2: Alternative Power Purchase Agreements RES connects direct buyers with Renewable producers through bilateral agreements in the secondary market (B2B) without the intervention of the Energy Exchange and the aggregator.
We act as an interface between the participants, to make sure that every relevant issue is being dealt with from various points of view.

Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems

GX Blocks is providing end-to-end managing and reviewing powerful, sophisticated, yet easy-to-use financial models for hybrid renewable energy projects such as autonomous solar PV with Battery Energy storage systems connected and not with the national grid, hydropower, biomass, and other. We always link figures with facts, building models with reality, based on our profound knowledge of the technical and economic value drivers behind the figures.

Diversifying Bitcoin’s energy sources

Our colocation services and the 'DGIF' use a majority of non-fossil power sources, keeping mining carbon emissions to a minimum. And GX Blocks energy go even further, providing latent energy demand for even the most remote renewable energy projects.

Beyond Traditional Infrastructures

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About GX Blocks Energy

Our mission, vision and information.

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