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AI Cloud Infrastructure

A cost-effective way to run high-performance
computations and train fast your machine learning models.


Democratizing AI

We are dedicated to promoting equitable distribution of the immense power of machine learning and AI, and making the benefits of this technology accessible to everyone. Our goal is to create AI-powered computing that is controlled and operated by the people for the people.

High Performance& Accessible 

Maximize Your Infrastructure Efficiency

Discover the benefits of working with GX Blocks, with a tailored approach to customer service and a range of customizable tools that cater to your unique needs, anywhere in the world.

Experience the benefits of cutting-edge accelerator technology in a cloud powered by renewable energy, with immediate savings thanks to our cost-effective pricing that delivers the best performance per dollar.

Empowering cloud applications to perform efficiently,
cost-effective and powered by green energy

Maximize Your Infrastructure Efficiency

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Achieve substantial
cost savings (up to 70%) compared to other leading cloud providers with flexible and transparent pricing. 

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Powering our data centers only with sustainable renewable energy and our Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is available for viewing online 24/7.

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Increase compatibility with GPU Instances at no added cost, enabling the creation of custom layer-2 private networks between Instances. 

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We are serving global clients, with our services housed within the European Union and backed by its regulations, providing a genuine European cloud platform option.

Private Networks

gpu Servers

transparent Pricing

Empowering Tech Progress with Scalable, Agile Infrastructure

As organizations increasingly turn to artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive their businesses forward, the demand for computing power that can support these technologies at an affordable cost is growing.

By providing scalable and fast-deployment data center solutions that offer a cost-effective alternative to traditional data centers. With scalability and quick market entry as our top priorities, we have designed a hybrid infrastructure concept that is both efficient and modular. Our data center infrastructure is designed to be scalable and agile, empowering organizations to fully realize the potential of AI and machine learning technologies.

We believe in empowering our users, that's why we provide specialized cloud infrastructure and give you full autonomy to use it in the way that works best for you.

Parallel Lines

Custom Request

Every project is unique and may require specific hardware and support needs. That's why we offer custom support solutions to help you plan your project upfront and ensure you have access to the most sophisticated hardware for the long term.

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