Research Cases

Our main research focus is to anlyze and research potential implications of the Blockchain technology and Artificial Intelligence for the energy and financial sector. By testing and developing various research use cases into commercial technology services we are able to provide innovative solutions to the market earlier.

GX Mobile Data Center Unit (MDCU) 

A Custom Data Center Units for ASIC & GPU servers. A plug-n-play solution for any RES which can take advantage of the excess/ waste energy and generate new revenue stream.

GX Energy Demand 

A data center in a box, with a modular infrastructure to plug-n-play in any RES which can take advantage of the excess/ waste energy and generate it into a new revenue stream.

Abstract Futuristic Background


Intelligent Energy Management System

An Intelligent Energy Management system which effectively balances the production, storage and consumption of the power grid.

he main target of the system is to reduce balancing costs without compromising grid stability. In addition, reduces the wasted/ excess energy from Energy Plants.


Energy Applications

We have identified more than 13 use cases where blockchain technology can be implemented in the energy sector.

GX Blocks aims to investigate areas of interest in Energy Data transparency, Energy Management & Operations, Energy Certificates and Energy Trading.

Abstract Futuristic Background
Abstract Futuristic Background


Digital Identity

The scope of this use case is to propose a model that can offer a potential solution for a certificate issuing and verification using blockchain technology.

A certificate is proof of a qualification and can be used in multiple academic and business cases.