Blockchain Research Center

Custom research case for any management strategy, especially in a fast-moving industry, with the right expertise & support. The goal of GX Blocks is to translate research use cases into technology roadmaps that clients can follow to achieve target outcomes.

Three main pillars of Blockchain Technology: 

  1. Transparency

  2. Improved Security

  3. Improved Efficiency

Abstract Futuristic Background


Energy Applications

We have identified more than 13 use cases where blockchain technology can be implemented in the energy sector. Areas of interest that GX Blocks aims to investigate lie in the Energy Data transparency, Energy Management & Operations, Energy Certificates and Energy Trading.


Digital Identity

The scope of this use case is to propose a model that can offer a potential solution for academic certificate issuing and verification using blockchain technology. A certificate is proof of a graduate’s qualification and can be used to apply for a job or other related matters.

Abstract Futuristic Background

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