Powering Blockchain with Clean Energy supports Climate Change Mission

GX Blocks comprises a diverse team sharing a common vision, which is to inspire people by creating a better and more independent future. In recent years the rapid increase of energy demand globally shows us every day why we need to protect the environment. By using green energy for blockchains infrastructure we support the climate change mission and assist in the efficiency of the energy market.  

GX Blocks is committed to creating a better future for everyone. We want to reduce the negative effects of the blockchain network on the environment and to contribute towards a sustainable future.

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Our Story

After the successful participation in the MIT enterprise forum in 2019 reaching up to semi-finalists, GX Blocks was founded with an objective to offer alternative digital investments utilizing Blockchain and Renewable Energy Sources. 

Every idea starts with a problem. Ours was simple: Power Cloud computing infrastructure of Blockchain A.I. with sustainable energy.

This enables us to offer the most cost-effective offerings, making the innovative alternative investments and its benefits available to everyone.

We focus on the fundamental applications of the Blockchain technologies for the financial and energy market.

We are a team from different industries that want to inspire people and contribute to a better and more independent future. We believe that we can create something innovative, centered around the technology of blockchain. We are confident that this technology is so ground-breaking that it is capable of changing our lives. 

Our team, guided by a growth mindset, is client-centered and agile to appropriately respond to the increasingly digitized world.

As a blockchain company, we are committed to bringing novel solutions to our clients with transparency, security and efficiency. Through our commitment to the innovative technology of Blockchain, we strive to offer a better future, based on decentralization and sustainability.

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Experienced Leadership