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Parallel Lines

About Us 

GX Blocks comprises of a group of highly motivated and skilled individuals from different backgrounds who have come together with a common vision of making a positive impact on society. Our team understands the rapid pace at which the demand for energy is growing globally, and the need for immediate action to protect the environment.

This is why we have decided to utilize green energy for our data centers infrastructure, which not only supports the fight against climate change but also contributes to the efficiency of the energy market.

However, with this new technology, comes new challenges. One of the most pressing concerns is the energy consumption that cloud computing requires. This is where our commitment to the environment comes in, as we aim to reduce the negative impact that cloud computing has on the environment.

Powering Cloud Infrastructure with Sustainable Energy

Our Vision

As a group of individuals from varying industries, our objective is to motivate and shape a more self-sufficient future. We envision utilizing the potential of blockchain technology to bring about something truly novel and transformative. With a focus on growth and customer-centricity, our team is nimble and equipped to handle the fast-paced digital realm.

As a blockchain organization, we are steadfast in providing innovative solutions to our clients that prioritize transparency, security, and efficiency. Our unwavering commitment to blockchain technology aims to bring about a decentralized and sustainable future.

At GX Blocks, we are dedicated to creating a better future for all. Our goal is not just to promote sustainability, but to also inspire people to follow in our footsteps. By taking a responsible approach to blockchain technology, we hope to set an example for others to follow, and together, make the world a better place for future generations.

​Our team, guided by a growth mindset, is client-centered and agile to appropriately respond to the increasingly digitized world. As a blockchain company, we are committed to bringing novel solutions to our clients with transparency, security and efficiency. Through our commitment to the innovative technology of Blockchain, we strive to offer a better future, based on decentralization and sustainability.

Our Mission

Experienced Leadership

At GX Blocks, we bring together a diverse team of professionals from various industries including Information and Communication Technology, Energy, and Blockchain. Our team consists of experts in their respective fields who are united by a shared goal of creating a positive impact on society through innovation.

With extensive experience in ICT, Energy, and Blockchain, our team is equipped with the knowledge and skills to bring new and innovative solutions to the table. Our team members have worked with some of the most prominent companies in their respective industries, and have a proven track record of delivering results.


Yorgos Ioannidis


Management and technical background with 40+ years of experience in ICT and Telecom industry (General Manager OTENET, CTO on OTE Group, CEO RomTelecom). 

Ioannis Baxevanos

Head of Operations

An Industry 4.0, former Director of Operations/ R&D - BSH Hausgerate (Industry 4.0). Aristotle University of Thessaloniki - Power Infrastructure
Expert (PhD). Research Project EUDEEP for Distributed Energy Resources.

Thodoris Koukoutsas 


An early adopter of DLT Technologies from 2013 with high experience in the digital economy and digital assets portfolio management. Previous co-founder of Blockchain company providing blockchain mining services in Europe from 2016.

Dimosthenis Arkoudeas

Head of Architecture

Experienced Business Founder with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Co-founder of MarPoint Ltd, Hellas Sites, and Moosend.

Georgios Zontanos

Board Member/ Head of Accounting

An experiened former Director of Accounting & Finance WIND Hellas
from 1993 to 2009, PwC and in many other large companies in Greek Market.

Sakis Michalarakos

Expert Advisor 

Financial advisor for SMEs with 20+ years of experience in Investment Banking for large International and Greek banks. Experience with energy trading and member of the Energy Exchange Market.

Parallel Lines

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