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3S Energy Management System '3S-EMS'

GX Blocks Energy develops a Blockchain Energy Management system which effectively balances the production, storage and consumption of power grid.

Our smart grid solution reduces balancing costs without compromising grid stability. In addition, our solution reduces the wasted/ excess energy from Energy Plants.

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Smart Energy Management System

BaaS solution ‘EMS’ for Renewable Energy Sources (RES) combined with Batteries and Mobile Data Center Units. 

The dApp is giving access to the parties to control and manage energy needs with a more efficient, secure and transparent way. 


  • Lower Infrastructure costs.

  • More efficient energy management.

  • Security & Transparency 

Three-node energy system can serve as an option to Renewable sources that could allow for more reliable power provision at similar return on capital levels. 

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The three-node energy system and the ‘EMS’ gives to energy producers a transition to a more secure, transparent and modular energy management solution.

By removing the financial and technical constraints that can make this transition challenging with the help of Industry 4.0 and Blockchain Technologies.


Our purpose is to deliver services that track the broader market of Energy by using Industry 4.0 and Blockchain technologies.

Wasted Energy Easily & Securely 

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